What are the pre price of hot pot restaurants

hot pot shop early expenses include? Hot pot shop also includes a number of pre cost aspects of today, on the need for the cost of handling the relevant documents of the shop, the whole business Xiaobian to introduce investors to introduce

!The program costs

1, open a hot pot shop monthly pay business management fees; cost specific reference to local policies, not uniform. 3 annual fee for your individual business license to verify the sticker, the cost is not high.

2, open a hot pot shop health permits once a year, the cost is higher, but usually do not pay fees.

3, if the monthly operating amount of not more than 5000 yuan, it does not have to pay taxes, the state has regulations.

? Through the description of the hot pot restaurant program costs, I believe you also have some understanding of the hot pot shop, join the venture need to be cautious, more join the details look forward to your attention.

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