On the one dollar of the horizon and the nameless forum

recently, Tianya forum is registered to a yuan certification fee, this thing on the Internet has aroused considerable controversy, the media have reported the matter. We should rationally treat the incident, why you can charge the registration fee? Why do some Promotion Forum Forum No one shows any interest in? I nearly three months, I think that is the power of promotion to the famous Tianya forum now, there are a lot of resources, so we all love to the forum and exchange. Why are people registered for money? Is the inside is rich in resources, there are many people in the forum, what to do, so I want to exchange what problems can be found at the end of the world. It’s like Taobao just pushed the B2C platform, because Taobao C2C has accumulated 5 billion 600 million users, daily traffic taobao.com is 8 million, it’s all in the B2C platform for the user, although Taobao B2C is money, but I believe there are business opportunities, so the charges are willing to. Some small sites and forums are not, the forum is the first position is not correct, correct positioning, to find a good place to shop promotion, for example, Chinese www.im360.cn is committed to providing 3000 network services, so its users in Taobao, eBay, pat Network, promotion efforts must be increased in all the web site. Do the entertainment station www.fansyang.com specializes in providing QQ space, campus network code, non mainstream information, this promotion will go to Baidu’s entertainment Post Bar, various entertainment forum (including Tianya) similar to this site and the theme of the place. The content of the forum to enrich themselves, after the success of the promotion, people will be more and more, the forum will not be able to come.

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