The rich brother Xu Xuecheng’s history of entrepreneurship

do poineering work really can make money? If you have such doubts, may wish to take a look at some successful entrepreneurs, believe there is a very big help for entrepreneurs. But this small series will be introduced one by planting and the success of the case, its protagonist is Xu xuecheng.

"this year the orange and navel orange yield, the price is good, only the first batch sold 40 thousand yuan tangerine……" Recently, the orange and navel orange harvest in Sichuan city of Luzhou Province Qu Ba Zhen Li Shi Cun 3 groups of farmer Xu Xuecheng couple, seize the fine weather picking navel orange for sale. According to Xu Xuecheng introduction, since 1999, he began to venture in the countryside, contracted the village collective economic forest orchard engaged in fruit cultivation, this year, 40 acres of orchard income of $100 thousand. Good harvest starts with good varieties, 15 years, the soil fertility and variety improvement, he let the former barren barren bear the "golden age", Xu Xuecheng also known locally as the "rich man".

learn fruit technology to eat technology rice walk Quartet

Xu Xuecheng, 62 years old this year. In 1980, Xu Xuecheng retired back home Qu Ba Zhen Li Shi cun. At that time, Xu Xuecheng did not choose to go out to work, but want to learn a technology, because he grew up from the mouth of the parents learned that: a craft in the hands of a lifetime benefit.

at that time, my area is vigorously developing economic forest, the agricultural sector in the towns of grapefruit, orange and loquat, promotion of citrus fruit, Xu family near the more than and 100 acres of the original village collective land into orchard is barren.

"Xiao Xu, do you want to learn fruit tree cultivation techniques?" At that time, the District Agricultural Bureau of fruit technology expert Li Yunxi in the village of Dundian, guiding the development of the village orchard. Li Yunxi Xu Xuecheng is clever, took for his acts, imparting fruit cultivation management technology. Two years, Li Yunxi took me around the size of the orchards of the various towns in the area, while engaged in the promotion of fruit technology while imparting fruit cultivation and management techniques of Xu Xuecheng Xu Xuecheng.

as a result of Xu Xuecheng studious, soon mastered more than 10 kinds of fruit cultivation management technology, in the local small famous. Since then, Xu Xuecheng with his superb skills, not only in the vicinity of the city and the surrounding area to help grow the owners for technical guidance, but also far from Yunnan, Guizhou and Chongqing and other places engaged in orchard management, eat a technical meal. "At that time, in the local daduangong wage day only two dollars, and help others grafting fruit can earn five or six yuan a day, is also very popular……" Xu said that although people in orchard management can make money, after all, not their own industry, and then he will often think of their own to build a garden, but the opportunity is not mature."

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