Decline in the image of the impression of the industry can bring what note

Internet era is an era of subversion, a variety of new products can quickly appear, you can quickly be eliminated. Committed to the application notes notes notes on the full interpretation of this law, has gradually declined from prosperity to decline. The decline of the impression of the impression that the industry can bring enlightenment? Look at the following.

is the debut peak, the subsequent lack of

impression notes

Evernote international version of Evernote was released, quickly by the users attention and welcome, and in high speed situation continue to gather popularity. Since its entry into the mainland market in 2010 or so, has also been sought after by domestic users. Users continue to spontaneously form, word of mouth impression notes, I was around 2011 to contact the impression notes (had not yet changed its name, is called Evernote). Even after the impression of the fire up, but also led to the domestic application of the popular notes, such as the beginning of a strong cloud notes market competition.

but domestic application notes have failed to stop impression notes in the rapid growth of the domestic trend, it is no exaggeration to say that impression notes are rare Internet applications abroad can succeed in china. Its function is very rich: teamwork, knowledge management, habits, time management, inventory sharing, etc., walking in the forefront of the trend of the use of notes. But now Evernote was reduced to the point now, and don’t think progress has a great relationship.

in perfect function after impression notes stopped the exploration of the new function, focus on profitability. This is the result of the impression that too much attention to note can bring high profits of corporate users, ignoring the feelings of ordinary users. In the use of the process, there will always be prompted to upgrade to the advanced account, a serious impact on the feelings of experience. In the past little fresh, only the naked interests.

notes in notes in the application of impression advantage to stand head and shoulders above others, a single large, globally firmly occupy more market share. But at present, the impression of a single big has become the past. Especially in the decision to note the future survival of corporate users, impression notes do not enough. Currently, for corporate users, the impression is only a higher memory, such as teamwork as the core selling point.

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