How to build high end rich connotation of H5 marketing page

lead: with the rapid development of Internet marketing, H5 received more and more attention to each big brand enterprise, hot H5 set a new Internet marketing, Internet marketing play more and more varied



H5 marketing page planning:


1 planning and analysis of the company’s product brand promotion direction, determine the purpose and theme of the current business activities, combined with the advantages of enterprises targeted analysis of the characteristics of the target user groups to determine the theme of the campaign.

2 Analysis of the characteristics of the target audience, the psychological needs of the user, the user needs planning activities.


3 Theme form, the analysis of the current information to select the appropriate holiday theme promotional activities, according to the characteristics, analysis is active or passive communication mode of transmission, individual communication, two-way communication, promotion through a number of ways to choose the appropriate mode of spreading the accurate user location.

4 award, using active passive sharing, sharing, interactive virtual theme props or achieve the user’s real reward, better effect for activities to spread can use pieces of coupons, coupons and coupons for comment, Taobao rewarding activities, so the cost is high, the enterprise can be publicized through appropriate cost.

5.H5 page promotion, through its own website, WeChat public, post bar, micro-blog, soft Wen and advertising for the entire network marketing, H5 page to achieve the final publicity.

planning H5 marketing activities note:


The main promotion platform

H5 page is planning a push in the end and some WeChat mobile terminal, mobile phone terminal to push the H5 page, H5 about life heat probably continued in the 2 and 3 days, on this point is to consider from the user to save time, planning and control of the number of pages, page level. No more than 6 to 8 pages.

promotion activities drainage can borrow some public promotion gifts, such as coupons, movie tickets, so preferential than natural virtual props cards would be better.

for mobile phone users in the mobile phone operating habits, opens a new window to link is much higher than that of the sliding screen loss rate, while promotion activities, to grasp the needs of users, the appropriate site marketing planning layout to the site, to achieve transformation of the final result, remember in the planning of the H5 page, don’t open another window of the event page, it will greatly reduce the spread of H5 pages, but can be implied, will guide users to WeChat promotion target public platform itself inside.

with a wide range of hot topics and topics of interest to the user, a full range of packaging planning >

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