Dongguan focus on the original cultural force to promote the development of cultural industries

with the development of the times, all walks of life have a new development, including the cultural industry, not only more and more film and television works, but also popular culture began to rise. An increasing number of folk literature and art organizations began to shine, in the competition has made proud achievements.

in the just concluded the eleventh session of Chinese Festival – the final seventeenth Stars Award, works jointly built by the Dongguan City Cultural Center, the center of the original town wide – fast writing "Yangxuxuanyu folk group", from the 21 finalists "quyi works talent shows itself Stars Award" in the finals, won the "stars award".

"Stars Award" is the Ministry of culture for the prosperity of popular literary and artistic creation, promote the prosperity and development of social and cultural undertakings and the establishment of the national social culture and Arts Award, the highest award is the culture of the masses of our government, once every three years. This "Stars Award" award number sharply under compression (national competition, more than 5 thousand works only the top 20 winners), Dongguan group of the boutique can still win. Not only that, the "Star Award" in the finals, Dongguan has a total of two short listed works (the other is a group of girls sing "ink nostalgia"), accounting for 1/3 of the province.

in recent years, the Dongguan media Bureau under the guidance of the municipal cultural centers, continuous innovation to improve the production mechanism of fine art, relying on the organization system, guiding the permanent event "creating works, talent, vigorously support the professional creation, enhance the Dongguan group of the original force, the emergence of a large number of rich local the characteristics of the group of excellent works, frequently won provincial and national awards, showing great vitality, boutique after another boom, music, dance, drama, folk art full flowering.

group of literary creation into the "accumulate steadily"

in recent years, Dongguan has entered a group of literary creation, and All flowers bloom together. big development, big harvest period, as. An endless stream of literary works, but also to the image of the city of Dongguan culture, more and more plump, more and more clear, more and more shiny. Fifteenth Stars Award, female solo "dream", · nostalgia dance works "," rap "embroidered Muyu Song three radish one" award; sixteenth Stars Award, male group singing "time", "children’s dance" award xuejun. As for Guangdong Province, three flowers (flowers, music and dance drama show, children’s art show), mass literature award, the annual ranking of Dongguan, conspicuous.

in Dongguan condolences to the performance team, the Guangdong Provincial Department of culture department pointed out that in recent years Dongguan Fang Jianhong, building a culture of strong city, formed a unique phenomenon of public cultural services across the province, to create a lot of advanced experience for learning reference. Especially in the mass culture quality creation, create the experience of Dongguan, Dongguan, Dongguan Jian die plate

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