Editorial recommendation business tips for startups

in recent years, entrepreneurship is a lot of young people’s choice, but want to achieve entrepreneurial dream is not so simple, grasp the key skills. Some people can not find the first half of the first half of the business customers, 1 million yuan venture capital spend all of a sudden; some people start their own businesses, there is no shadow of large companies, "I feel like a stray dog".

1, the trick to the "new" winning

2, the trick "out of thin air" to open up sales channels

the symbiosis or commensalism, also from the nature of two independently living but also to life in a certain phenomenon between metonymy enterprises and enterprises complementary advantages and common management mode of survival.

4, the trick in the small pond fish

advantage can not share, exclusive only profit, profit is the enterprise survival and development of the. For small businesses, if the big companies that the market outlook is very large, the future certainly not, then you simply do not do. Because once large enterprises settle on the market, how can you get shopping? The only way to survive is inventive, to create their own unique market.

of course, these are not the only trick of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs will encounter more "on the road of business

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