Detailed analysis of the reasons for the collapse of barber shops

Chinese salon culture has a long history, but there are few salons can become bigger and stronger, a lot of hair salons are faced with the crisis of the collapse, then what is the cause of their failure? The reason is not complicated, mainly in four aspects:

1, do not understand the situation can not make decisions;

2, can not save accumulation can not progress;

3, do not understand the customer so blindly action;

4, can not stand the people can not long;

A, do not understand the situation so to decision

The lack of a systematic tool for

two and not so unable to progress

accumulationA lot of love is always one or two


the record does not refer to the writing, but to the salon to constantly through the error experience optimization process. The salon managers too love men, men love because there is no legal system, no legal reason is the imperfect legal system to the rule of man. The paradoxical view includes salon managers eager for quick success and poor accumulation of evil. Although the current earnings do not consider the long-term development, there is no system, no curing process, no work templates, only flexible and smart

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