Campus net loan remediation also need multi combination

once the school, the children out of the parental line of sight, will choose what kind of consumption, is the countless parents can not control. The opening soon, went to college shopping for one semester inventory, buy new items hand chop season, many campus net loan platform, ready to start eager for a fight.

however, since the campus net loan generation, the problem has not been interrupted, and even college students unable to repay high school loans, and ultimately desperate to jump dead. Campus net loan is both college students’ Gospel, but also for college students to set up a trap, how to effectively regulate and standardize the campus net loan market has been plagued by problems.

recently, the Chongqing Municipal Finance Office, the Banking Bureau, Chongqing City Board of Education jointly issued a notice on the campus net loan implementation of negative list system, the campus net loan list "eight no" negative list, one of which is: without parents, guardian or other person management as the two source of repayment to the written consent of party for repayment, and shall not grant loans to students.

it is worth noting that parents have also been given the responsibility of risk prevention and control. Students in order to obtain loans, parents must be obtained, the guardian on behalf of the repayment agreement, which also means that students want loans, parents must be informed, after the parents of this.


, college students want to get loans is an easy job to do campus a student card, or even to completely, without the need to inform the parents, the low threshold has become an important means of many campus net loan platform to attract college students. The parents can also be regarded as a credit for the campus network set a threshold. Not only that, under the joint participation of parents, students can be well aware of the potential risks of campus net loan platform.

and parents of students that money demand, money as long as the students and parents are abundant funds and reasonable planning of the situation, believe that many parents will take the initiative to help children solve the money needed to reach the campus so as to avoid the loan platform. Or, some students do not want to tell their parents loan needs, in order to reduce unnecessary communication with parents and the trouble, simply restrain their desire to loan.

parents to join the regulation into a "one on one", that is, a parent corresponds to a student, which will also become accurate and effective regulatory behavior. In the event of loan problems of campus network, many of the potential risks, government institutions and other departments may not inform each student loans, not earnestly exhort, because they are "one to many", and parents are able to do.

therefore, the author believes that parents can play a very good role in the prevention and control of risk, however, whether the parents can really give full play to their role as we imagine it? The answer is probably not ideal.

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