What precautions should be taken in the cigarette business

now do have a risk, as an operator, only to do a good job of risk prevention, will help their business. In short, the cigarette business risk prevention work is the operator must consider the problem, because the price of cigarettes, once give criminals an opportunity to exploit, operators will suffer heavy losses.

, a blind spot monitoring equipment

a lot of people for the sake of safety, the store installed a camera placed on the computer, that is a sure card. In fact, I have seen a store stolen, the thief in order to secure the surveillance video to the host to move out. There is no host hard disk recording information, the camera to take the picture is of no value. Therefore, the author suggested that the surveillance video host can not be placed inside the store, to take a more reliable way of remote monitoring, because criminals can not destroy the image record, to the public security department to solve the problem.

in addition, the infrared alarm is also essential for the operation of the store equipment, it can report the first time someone burglary. But it is a certain blind area, it is appropriate to increase the number of alarms, but also a very effective approach.

two, evening business security issues

many shops are inhabited at night. The arrival of criminals brings great threat to operators. Because some criminals means is very cruel, encounter this kind of situation, must not quiet, not to fight, to remember the physical characteristics of criminals, so as to reflect the situation to the police, improve the efficiency of detection of cases.

in order to improve the ability to prevent, prepare proposals for store operators iron pipes, baseball bats and other defensive weapons. If necessary, take proper defense against the illegal elements. Once encountered can not resist, the idea of escape, and so on, and then after the alarm. Because criminals into the store is basically for the money, not murder, stay in the Castle Peak, not afraid of firewood.

three, bukebufang

thief stealthily

Substitution behavior of

high-grade cigarette around It is often seen. outlaws the use of tricks, but also very despicable. From a technical perspective, they use the means is not good, is nothing more than a meter. Therefore, regardless of any time, don’t put the line of sight from the goods, do not give criminals an opportunity.


switch is mainly the crime, fled the crime, even if the camera to be captured, but it is difficult to solve, because the suspects are outsiders. In this regard, as operators must be vigilant on foreign personnel. Especially those who practice accent, to pay special attention to.

in addition, the cigarette goods once sold are not returnable. Those who return are most likely to get a pile of cigarettes, "

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