Xiamen how to free trade area product quality checks

The development of

economy, we see a series of achievements at the same time, we should pay attention to some problems in the breeding process, we need to solve, in order to ensure the rapid economic development and steady. Let us look at the next, Xiamen how to free trade area product quality checks?

trade area in Xiamen import commodity trading center to buy substandard products how to do? Found in the area of corporate dishonesty how to report? In the area of the enterprise infringement of intellectual property rights to whom to complain?

if you encounter the above situation, you can immediately through the Xiamen free trade area of the illegal behavior of prizes to report telephone, email and address and other channels for complaints, is expected to receive up to $100 thousand bonus report.

social supervision to encourage social forces to participate in the regulation of

reporter learned yesterday from the Xiamen Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, the CMC issued the Xiamen Free Trade Zone illegal economic behavior report reward management approach, the introduction of a unified reporting channels. At the same time, to Xiamen free trade area, the economic supervision departments complaints report illegal behavior and provide valuable clues or evidence of the Free Trade Area Administrative Committee may issue the highest award 100 thousand yuan bonus report.

to encourage social forces to participate in the supervision of the FTA is an important part of the comprehensive exploration of comprehensive supervision, to enhance the effectiveness of administrative law enforcement investigators to protect the healthy and orderly development of the market economy." Xiamen trade area management comprehensive supervision and law enforcement bureau responsible person, the active reform and innovation investment access system, to create a better investment environment convenient at the same time, efforts to create "wide into the strict control of the business environment.

four in one to promote the integrity of the main market operators

last year, the active docking GB advanced concepts and methods, to explore the comprehensive use of government supervision, social supervision, industry self-regulation, corporate autonomy "four in one" method, to construct a new regulatory framework for the full range of the main responsibility for strengthening the market, promote market integrity management according to law.


, market players to promote self-discipline in April this year, the Xiamen Free Trade Area Chamber of Commerce led more than and 30 area, and people’s daily life is closely related to the supermarket stores signed business credit commitments in the book, truthfully submit materials according to law, business, integrity management, abide by the contract, to protect the interests of consumers in terms of business credit commitments social supervision and credit platform in the FTA as a sign of good corporate public credit.

in improving the social credit evaluation system, management committee, market supervision and Management Bureau, third party credit operations research institutions were recommended

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