On the job poineering good Or leave a good business

to work, may never be so fixed, does not have much development, so many employees are thinking by independent entrepreneurs to do a career, but abruptly left, to develop their careers, while still retained their work, while doing their own business? Let me see small series of!


Amir  Khella is also a well-known user experience designer, over the past three years, he successfully created more than a dozen start-ups, including the acquisition of Google DocVerse.

The following is the full text:

about whether they should quit business this problem over the past few years, I heard a variety of views. Some people say that you want to work at the same time to start a business, because you need income, but also do not know their ideas are not good enough. Some people say on the meeting cannot dedicate business, this may be the cause of entrepreneurial failure.


1, when you need a fixed income to maintain the existing lifestyle, mortgage, for children to school;

2, when your ideas are not clear enough, or have not been verified or tested by the market;

3, when your work can actually provide the experience needed to implement your ideas (business, marketing, design, development, etc.);

4, when you have enough time for work and after the weekend to realize your ideas and go well.

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