To ensure food safety Tianchang of pesticide residues in vegetables on the tongue full coverage

although the economy has improved in our lives, the number of people eating out is also increasing, but serious food safety concerns. San San – December 7th news, first said 1 grams of vegetable samples in the vessel, and then add a special extract of 5 ml of liquid in the vessel, gently shaking after standing for 15-20 minutes, so that the pesticide in the extract fully dissolved." The morning of December 7th, in Anhui Province, Tianchang pesticide residues in vegetables and Chajian town food inspection room inspection point, while the staff do pesticide testing to reporters while commentary. It is understood that at present, Tianchang has achieved full coverage of the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables.

it is understood that in recent years, Tianchang has invested 2 million 400 thousand yuan, according to the requirements of location, construction sites and facilities equipment procurement, fast inspection staff selection of "six high standards" in Tongcheng, Chajian, Qin LAN 3 grassroots food and drug supervision and construction of 3 food inspection room, in the room for rapid detection of Yongfu agricultural and sideline products wholesale market, and Albert Wan Jiafu, Chiaki music, Nancheng River 7 farmers market construction of 8 food safety.

and in the street, Yongfeng 5 towns (street) 5 sets of cropping system, pesticide residues rapid detection in 10 towns (street), JP Yang Cun completed 10 sets of livestock clenbuterol fast inspection system, in Zhang Puren and set the 5 towns to complete the 5 sets of drug residues in aquatic products inspection system construction tasks.

how to ensure food safety on the tongue, the detection of pesticide residues in Tianchang to plan, can effectively ensure the safety of food in a certain extent. At present, the city has formed a from the city to the town (street), agricultural products quality and safety inspection system from production to circulation radiating, vegetable quality and safety inspection system has been formed in the quality and safety of vegetable products and government monitoring of enterprise self-discipline inspection, focus on strengthening the scattered farmers, migrant farmers and farmers plots, homegrown based farmers market testing of vegetables, to achieve a rapid detection range of full coverage, effectively ensuring the quality and safety of agricultural products and agricultural products consumers buy at.

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