Shanxi in 2017 to build 100 public space

create a public record space for the entrepreneurial activities of the development of the whole society is a hundred in no harm things, and now governments are actively creating a series of public record in space, Shanxi plans to build 100 public record space.

9 14, the provincial government issued the "opinions" on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship, a total of 10 policy measures to encourage enterprises and investment institutions to invest in the construction of new incubator carrier, a number of low cost, convenient construction, all elements, open space of public record support for college students, entrepreneurship and technological personnel.

the comments made it clear that the province will accelerate the construction of a public space, by 2017, the province’s districts and Taiyuan, Changzhi national high tech Zone at least 3 of the completion of the public record, regular undergraduate institutions, vocational colleges have the conditions of at least 1 built public record space, built provincial college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship Park 1, the province’s public record space reached 100. Support the establishment of public record service platform, the integrated use of grant funds, the purchase of services, business incentives, encourage and support research and design, finance, science and technology business incubator, exchange, certification testing multi-creation service platform, to provide policy advice, project promotion, career guidance and other one-stop business service for entrepreneurs.

to encourage scientific and technological personnel, college students’ entrepreneurial support, policy measures: the implementation of flexible educational system, allowing college students retain the school school entrepreneurship, foster graduated 5 years of college graduates and graduate academic entrepreneurship for college graduates, the partnership or organized entrepreneurship; support universities, research institutes and other institutions of professional and technical personnel create and lead or jointly organized by the science and technology enterprises, to undergo entrepreneurship, with the consent of the original unit, reserve personnel relations within 3 years, the original units and other staff to enjoy the same title and, the level of job promotion and other aspects of the right to social insurance. At the same time, it will also implement the disposal and use of scientific and technological achievements benefit the reform, provincial universities, research institutes and other institutions enjoy the use of scientific and technological achievements and disposal of autonomy, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements all belong to the unit, and in accordance with the proportion of not less than 50% of the technological achievements and for the completion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements contribute personnel.

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