Jiangmen within two years to build 50 acres of laboratory

in such a era of entrepreneurship, build a business platform is a very important thing to do in this regard, the city of Jiangmen is very good, Jiangmen high tech Zone plan within the next two years to build 50 mu laboratory.

service is divided into three directions

"Kohand open innovation platform to share ideas, service innovation and low cost for the purpose of entrepreneurship, is divided into three directions." Chen Yichuan said, "first, for individuals or groups who have good ideas and lack of experimental conditions to provide free sample evaluation, and supporting the development of laboratory technology, material preparation, office assistant equipment, accommodation and a series of logistics services. Second, to verify the good results, and by the website of the expert team to give the authority recommended for the results to find the best partner. Third, to provide low-cost business support and a full range of financial services to entrepreneurs, such as angel funds, venture funds, small loans, especially in the community to provide the exchange of experience and consulting platform for start-ups, and share the progress of various business projects."

52 one of the key bases

in August 7th this year, the city office officially issued the "Jiangmen national Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration work program" (2015-  2017). The next 3 years, Jiangmen will vigorously implement the "Eagle plan" to create entrepreneurial paradise, one of the 52 key base of constant open innovation platform is the key construction. The platform will invest 10 million yuan in the next 3 years, the construction of an innovative platform for innovation and chemical innovation network innovation and entrepreneurship interactive information platform.

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