Kunming site collapse accident casualties responsible person has been controlled by the police

and Shanghai in the construction site collapsed, Kunming construction site collapse are many casualties, now the incident is under further investigation and handling, the responsible person has been controlled, the accident process, let us look at it!


According to voice of

3 on the evening of 16 August 11, after the rescue, rescue dogs nearly 5 hours of rescue efforts, a worker in the Kunming District of Guandu Pu from the village in the construction site collapse accident buried rescued. Kunming fire brigade soldier said, at 5:46 in the afternoon after the alarm, they immediately rushed to the.

to the morning of 17 March, a total of on-site fire protection, public security, health, safety supervision and other more than 400 people to carry out rescue work. Ya Dong, President of the Kunming hospital, said: "we are here for the first time, some of them are head injuries, some of them are feet, legs, and injuries." "" "said Chen Ping. The doctors in the emergency department are inside. The people outside are waiting for them."

According to the

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