China’s investment is expected to further warming

investment in recent years is a very hot topic, however, some time ago due to the impact of macroeconomic, investment temperature drop slightly. Yesterday, the well-known international accounting bodies with the certified public accountants issued the "international business survey report" shows that the two quarter of the domestic enterprises’ confidence in their own development has been significantly restored, including the expected revenue, profitability, product prices, exports, compared with the first quarter of recruitment have increased significantly. At the same time, China’s investment in enterprises is expected to further warming, there is a clear intention to expand.

by the same accounting firm partner Xu Hua said, domestic enterprises after a quarter of the overall economic situation and wait for the development of enterprises for the two quarter, confidence has rebounded significantly. China’s economic growth is expected to regain growth momentum in the second half of this year.

in addition, in terms of international economy, the two quarter economic growth is expected in Europe and the United States is better, this will help restore China’s exports. From the General Administration of customs data show that in May exports grew by 7%, significantly better than in previous months, so that the pressure of export orders eased. I believe that with the further economic stability, enterprises will have a stronger momentum in the next.


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