Exhibitors must know when the 9 commandments

now the society has many enterprises will find ways to participate in investment exhibition activities, to launch their own products, for many enterprises, when participating in some business exhibition activities should pay attention to some points for attention.

a ring: exhibitors for unknown purposes.

exhibition aim to promote your products and help them to market. The purpose of the exhibition is not clear, it will directly affect the booth layout, product display, etc..

Do not look at the

four ring: ignore the training of the staff.

six ring: hair print.

exhibition employees don’t know how to show the exhibits, will affect the product exhibition effect. Before the exhibition, the staff should be familiar with the exhibits, in order to do a good product demonstration.

many enterprises to the end of the show in the final Everything will be fine., tracking work is very important. Good service to customers will often make them your lifelong customers.

nine quit: ignore the summary.

exhibition is different, every time the have advantages and disadvantages, there is always room for improvement still. At the end of each exhibition, please review and evaluate it with your staff in order to improve.

At the same time

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