How to choose dessert dessert

follow the development of the current dessert market, people have a very strong interest in the dessert industry, desserts also occupy a lot of room for development, but also more and more consumers love it. More friends in which to see business opportunities, ready to open dessert store. How to choose a dessert item? The following small series to introduce you.

A is the brand positioning; selection of catering franchise brand at the beginning, should be first on their own city market to do some understanding, especially with your shops around the District, here for what brand dessert is the high-end or low-end customers for the Lord, to do heart bottom.

For example, the development of the first

in the delicacy of choice, more consumers tend to choose brand products. Some investors are more willing to join the brand enterprises, although adding high threshold, the support and service but can provide more perfect, your success safeguard is relatively higher; compared with those of smaller enterprises, give support and guarantee are not enough. The choice depends on the investment budget and recommend your own business experience

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