Entrepreneurial process to know how to break the flea effect

different goals in life, life trajectory is different, and ultimately get different, for the public, the flea effect is difficult to break, until he changed the direction of life, entrepreneurship is also the case.

"flea effect" comes from an interesting experiment: biologists have fleas to a free throw, it can jump from one meter high ground. But if you put a lid on a meter high, the fleas will jump up, hit the lid, and hit the lid again and again. After a period of time, you take off the lid, you will find that although the fleas continue to jump, but has not been able to jump up to a meter above, until the end of life is so.

is a real example shows that if a person can not see their own goals, there will be what kind of results:

1952 in the early morning of July 4th, the California coast was shrouded in fog. In 21 miles west of the coast of the island of Caterina, a 34 year old woman wading into the Pacific Ocean, California began to swim to the shore. If successful, she is the first woman to swim across the channel. The woman was called ·, Cord Vic. Prior to this, she is the first women from Britain and France on both coasts to swim across the English channel.

when someone told her the truth, slowly recovering from the cold and she was very depressed, she told reporters that she really give up halfway is not fatigue, is not cold, but because you do not see the target in the fog. Miss Cord Vic had only this time in her life. Two months later, she managed to swim across the same channel. She is not only the first across the Strait and Caterina women than men recorded faster about two hours.

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