Analysis of Guojianglong brand eight advantages Hot pot

Chongqing Hot pot has a famous brand is the Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot, from the founding of chain stores has been extended to all parts of the country. Chongqing Guojianglong Catering Management Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Guojianglong") is the first food and beverage brands. Is a professional engaged in franchising project innovation, development, marketing planning, operation and promotion of professional knowledge-based enterprises. Mainly focus on the provision of differentiated hot pot chain operations, product technology and quality services to enhance customer satisfaction as the center. Guojianglong company invites the majority of a person of noble aspirations to join, currently in the country has opened more stores.

Analysis of eight advantages over

Hot pot Jianglong brand:

1 brand advantage: Chongqing ten Hot pot brand! The most investment value of the brand Hot pot! The most promising brand! The most star edge of the Hot pot brand, fashion from Guojianglong, happiness comes from guojianglong.

2, a large market space: Guojianglong Hot pot in the country is a time-honored brand new stores are mainly concentrated in some provinces and cities, many gaps in the market, the market with the advantage of pre general agent.

3, big profit: general agent to do big things, profit from its own direct objects with franchise stores, franchise stores within the jurisdiction of the initial fee, within the jurisdiction of the franchise management fees, agency fees within the jurisdiction and so on, reasonable price is extremely high, two, three, two life comes all things, spend a little money, also joined the wholesale value of unlimited value value value!!!


4, the success of the general agent model: Hebei Handan general agent, the successful operation of the general agent and profit model, so that all have lofty aspirations of the cause of the family favor and echocardiography, the next success is you.

5, replication technology advantage: general agent to do the most worried about is the technical problem, the headquarters is the strong backing of combat training, seasoning supply unified technical manuals, unified base; eternal security fool operation, stable quality, reduce cost and save manpower cost, supply and technology within the region; mutual learning and innovation.

6, regional marketing advantage: regional stores can pay certain advertising and marketing costs, regional VIP unified electronic card, consumption volume, telephone address and other network marketing; the unified 400 reservation telephone; regional media advertising; brand resonance, resource sharing.

7, regional distribution advantages: regional unified purchase and distribution of materials, the establishment of a central kitchen, unified new research and development and training, reduce costs, ensure product standards and quality stability.

8, headquarters service advantage: Guojianglong general >

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