What are the development trend of lighting

modern furniture is essential lighting, but also a lot of magic lighting products, to create a different home life. So now, lighting will be in what direction, what kind of development trend? If you are interested in lighting, or have the intention to invest, then might as well do something about.

ideal Home Furnishing lampion concept will be beautiful, practical, personalized. Emphasis on self, the pursuit of personality will become the first choice for many customers. Furniture and lighting market increasingly rich to provide customers with more choice, put forward higher requirements and customer orientation of hobby and personalized furniture and lighting development, promote the combination of furniture and lighting.

two trends: simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors

three trends: high cultural content, people-oriented, energy saving and environmental protection

in contemporary society, with the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, environmental protection design and production of environmentally friendly materials will be more and more furniture. In the future home decoration, lighting with environmental protection will be more and more use. Intelligent home decoration is also the focus of future development direction. Home furniture, doors and windows, lighting appliances, electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom appliances, will vary according to the different needs of users in different time of the corresponding intelligent configuration, meet the needs of modern life.

four trends: the nature color popular