What is the cost of a dry cleaner

shops need to invest, but the size of the difference between the opening of a dry cleaners need to invest much? Many entrepreneurs are very concerned about this issue. According to the latest market, according to the latest situation, to provide people with the most valuable information.

for dry cleaners, the most important is the cost of equipment, no equipment, no service is in vain. In the dry cleaning equipment investment, there are different levels of investment, in general, large dry cleaning equipment cost is very expensive in about two hundred thousand yuan, medium-sized, dry cleaners investment also needs ten yuan, if you want to save the investment cost of the dry cleaners, we must choose to join this way. Join the dry cleaners can save their own promotional costs for the store, you can also learn the first time to shop experience and technology, the most simple way of operation.

The elements of

choose dry cleaners, you need equipment, also need to rent shops, all cannot do without financial support. How much do you need to open a dry cleaner? The shop cost control, can be smoothly opened, otherwise, the late operation will be very troublesome.


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