Out of the store business turned up why the store

nearly two years of business development is very fast, the store is a very big blow, but the development of the market economy is out of the store change constantly, the point of the door, have started a store, which is also a trend of how?

side is the store closed shop tide, such as BELLE, GAP, Wanda Department store, etc. due to the loss of profits fell, Smith Barney was forced to transition; the other side is the electricity supplier and opened a store, Amazon, Taobao, Jingdong Experience Hall Museum, Taobao store…… In the past November, O2O one thing let us surprise, at the beginning of November, the United States Amazon opened a physical bookstore in Seattle, less than a month, China Dangdang announced a high-profile 1000 bookstore to the future, and the first home in December will be opened in Changsha.

these years due to the electricity supplier is the store down there? Wanda Department stores, BELLE, Septwolves, GAP, all music, Smith Barney and other closing news frequently broke, losses, profits fell, passenger scarce and forced transformation words appear constantly.

is unknown, however, in the past year, not only Amazon and Dangdang has a lot of low-key layout of the business enterprise business line, the situation looks great store recovery trend:

you hooked up with Suning, I have to pull up the Yonghui supermarket, you refused to yield, I also go to the shop to go to the countryside! I not only store, also open tea shop, as if the store is a cornucopia, want to have a look, even if did not grab the baby, put together a ride is good; more than two giant electricity supplier under them, I did not miss the beginning of the store, Dangdang is an example, announced a high-profile 3 year to open 1000 bookshops.