Young people return home to start their own hands to grasp the future

with the development of economy, the rural youth thought began to change, no longer has been considering going out to work, more people think their entrepreneurial possibilities. No matter from the emotional or from the economic development, home business entrepreneurs are included in the list.

"Ding Zong had previously been in Jiangsu venture, later home development, advanced technology will be brought back to his hometown, also let the local villagers to increase income.   "East Xiangdang office staff said that they Xiang in recent years has set up more than and 40 different sizes of clothing, luggage processing enterprises, last year the total sales of products more than 800, the output value of nearly 100 million yuan, more than 2000 local farmers to solve the employment, annual per capita income of more than 3 yuan.

"hometown rich labor resources, recruitment is easy, quick, hard-working villagers, the township government to coordinate and help in the selection, approval and other aspects." Ding Guangqian said, the company will continue to expand the scale of production, combined with the "Internet plus" continuous innovation, and actively create their own brand.

"many venture back boss in the past developed coastal area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Fujian and other work, accumulated a certain amount of capital, also have their own marketing channels." East Village Party Secretary Wang Shiqing told reporters, "their home business, effectively solve the employment problem of landless peasants and rural surplus labor force, while activation of the development of the rural economy growth.   "

"I was sewing, during the day, go home at night to take care of the elderly and children, the salary is good, make up for family expenses, very satisfied." Sewing bag is a villager told reporters.

"certainly also many difficulties, these enterprises are small, scattered layout, land use, financing and other practical problems is not enough.   "Wang Shiqing mused," we are considering cooperation with the surrounding industrial park, to further improve the policy support, encourage enterprises into the park development, complementary advantages, focus on regulation, also let their entrepreneurial people more practical.   "