Chengdu held Sino German cultural exchange demonstration park project

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is the result of the joint action of many elements, and the development of economy can not be separated from cultural, political and other contributions. In November 12th, the Sino German cultural exchange demonstration park "project will be held in Sichuan in Chengdu, has made positive contributions to the Sino German cultural exchanges between the two countries, but also will promote both sides on a more level of communication and interaction.

12, Sino German cultural exchange demonstration park project promotion and cooperation agreement signing ceremony was held in chengdu. From the cultural tourism industry in China and Germany, the project recommended institutions, industrial investment institutions, nearly 200 guests were fully exchanged, and signed a total of about RMB 5 billion of the intention to cooperate agreement.

reporter learned that today’s event is jointly organized by the Jintang Municipal People’s government and the German Ou Fang technology and cultural development center. "Sino German cultural exchange demonstration park" project is located in Chengdu Jintang County, Wufeng Town, and the famous modern Chinese philosopher He Lin’s former residence as the core area of Wufeng, carefully crafted. It is noted that in today’s launch of more than a dozen docking projects, most of which are representative of today’s global cultural tourism industry in the forefront of the direction and the top level, attracting investors and participants great interest. Including from the German Historical and cultural town planning and design, Leica elements of Photography Art Museum, the world cable pull, German style pension training base and other projects, as well as the Sino German cooperation project (International) philosophy Museum, western style wedding theme park, are three (New York, Beijing, Chengdu) flash art creative base, cinema documentary film etc..

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, this time in Chengdu unveiled a series of German quality projects, also benefited from the Peking University Alumni Association of German support and selection. The person in charge of the Alumni Association, vice chairman of the seminar organizer: Center of German technology and cultural development in Ou Fang Fang said, a master of philosophy of Mr. He Lin (Chengdu Jintang) early Tsinghua School after graduating from the long-term study in the United States and Germany, and taught at the Peking University after returning to the last century in 30s. In this sense, Mr. He Lin is not only the people of Sichuan, but also our North adults, but also the cultural exchanges between China and Germany, the herald and guide. Based on the origin and the plot, the northern adults in Germany have the obligation to take advantage of our respective resources to introduce the good cultural tourism industry in Germany to Mr. He Lin’s hometown. In order to do this work, to ensure the project landing, the European dearomatics technology culture development center Germany and Chengdu Helin Education Foundation signed a long-term cooperation agreement of cultural exchange.

German health care and social organization management and restructuring experts Gref said that with the gradual opening up of China’s pension market, Germany’s market-oriented pension service experience for Chinese colleagues for reference. He also hopes to make a small scale pilot in Sichuan, and then lead to a wider area of china.

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