Deng Zhimin back to business konjac round poineering dream

different entrepreneurs need to find suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, in the public venture, the highly innovative era of entrepreneurship that blindly follow the trend. Deng Zhimin – a good soldier, through the konjac to achieve their entrepreneurial dream of becoming rich!

1984, born in Deng Zhimin County in Hunan Province in the forest town Okimura, after graduating from secondary school in 2002, he had dreams of youth to join the army. During the period of service in the army, Deng Zhimin worked hard to master military skills, to complete the outstanding tasks, has been rated as outstanding soldier. After retiring in 2004, Deng Zhimin came to Shenzhen to work, has done assembly line workers, security, mobile phone sales and other work, in 2006, decided to choose to return to his hometown in, began a new journey of entrepreneurship.

2012, Deng Zhimin participated in the provincial agricultural fair when exposed to konjac. "At that time that China’s variety of konjac, but the real formation of the industrial chain, the world only japan." It’s a great touch for Deng Zhimin. In order to get a better understanding of konjac, Deng Zhimin went to Hubei, Shaanxi and other places of konjac planting base and research institutes to study. After coming back, he immediately raised about 1300000 yuan, transferred about 300000 pounds of high quality konjac seeds from Hubei and Sichuan, more than and 150 local villagers to plant tissue. Through careful cultivation, the growth of konjac is good, and good results are obtained.

dream with all

for the villagers to improve the scientific planting technology, cooperative organization personnel to Southwest Agricultural University, Hunan Agricultural University and China konjac Association and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research units to experts and professors, the technical information sent free of charge to growers.