How to join the bone to pound the pelvis

Xiaobian before we talk about talk about the weight of bone, and today we talk about the bone to jin". Is also a big body, two different brands, you can make no mistake!

bone to pounds to pelvis? Xiaobian do the following simple introduction:

bone to Jin to pelvis, Peru are delicious snacks, bone to catty to choose superior Pork Chop, meat quality and fat ratio just tastes astringent without oil. After thousands of headquarters of the standardized process of making vertical belier, micro manipulation by Pro Engineer, process more unique, collocation secret sauce, the bone to pound to our outstanding pelvis. Go to the pelvis bone Jin how to join


bone to Jin to pelvis join policy:

1, with a certain economic strength and good personal reputation, have their own determination and perseverance to start a business!

2, brand identity and management model.

3, be able to strictly implement quality requirements and hygiene standards.

4, engaged in catering industry enthusiasm and toughness.

to Jin to join the pelvis bone process:

1, project consulting: free project information, information and franchise services.

2, project review: the intention to join customers to store the actual inspection operations and products, communicate.

3, join negotiations:

a, according to join the customer in the regional environment, it is recommended to join the model choice.

b, according to join the customer’s own situation, to join the partners to provide investment budget, investment return accounting professional guidance.

4, sign the contract: sign the contract, pay fees, provide relevant information and authorization.

5, operation training: provide free partner selection training, technical training and management training.

6, store location: according to the requirements of the headquarters training and site selection strategy for the local store location, and get the headquarters.

7, opening preparation: according to the store layout to provide store decoration, design and opening of the preparation and other guidance.

8, the opening of new stores opened: Live >