Several maintenance and repair machine to join the machine tips

dry cleaning to join the cause of the gradual rise in China, won the favor of many entrepreneurs. But many entrepreneurs are the first to enter the industry, it is not clear how important maintenance of dry cleaning machine. Let Xiaobian teach today.

the first point is solved, the direct purchase of the brand can be a dry cleaning machine. Dry cleaning machine brand production has many advantages, is absolutely the machine of choice for dry cleaning machine. The second point is also very good solution, is a little trouble. So how to maintain dry cleaners? First of all, regular inspection of dry cleaning equipment, it is best to check before the start of the day. Of course, the size of the inspection is not very large, only need to check a few points on it. For example, if you want to check the pressure of the filter is normal, to check whether the existence of the pipeline equipment drops, leakage and other phenomena.

With the gradual promotion of entrepreneurship

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