To open a tea shop management trick

now society, tea shop profit space is very large, this is a lot of people are aware of, and now the tea industry, in one year, business is very hot, now operating tea shop, the market prospect is very good.

"tea" is not only bright luster, unique flavor, taste and attracting more and more full of wit and humour, young people. "Tea" production of raw materials and ingredients are Green Tea Jasmine or coffee, wheat Black Tea, plus the slimy powder and protein rich plant creamer, mixed and emulsified into severe shock.

tea selection of fine materials, professional for consumers to create more good products. Selection of high-quality pure tea cream, fine Black Tea, with the international first-class production technology, to create attractive fragrance of tea, bring incomparable silky taste and fragrant feeling for you! Fuck drink precipitation in the industry for many years of experience, the brand effect of the integration of tea market opportunity and based on the.

tea full every day, the profit is infinite, we join the project investment. To operate tea, run rich fashion drinks. Including ice, fruit juice, ice cream and other eight series of more than and 100 varieties. I   we will provide you with your favorite products, adhere to the "want to drink fresh" marketing positioning. Uphold the principle of "drink fresh joy" business philosophy, in the fierce competition in the industry and strive to become an independent school.


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