Shanghai Yangpu District vigorously support the first national network innovation contest

Shanghai is one of the openness of China’s largest city, is the best place to cultivate the spirit of innovation, Shanghai college students can enjoy the most suitable entrepreneurial atmosphere. Shanghai multi parties are also in support of college students innovation and entrepreneurship, and guide entrepreneurs to embark on the right path of development.

recently "out" of the "Shanghai Entrepreneurship Research Report" shows that the students generally think that the external environment is very suitable for the most innovative, Shanghai college students have a strong interest in entrepreneurship. Statistics show that about 75% of Shanghai students in the school is full of dreams. It is understood that the fully open students’ public record mode "of Shanghai education department to establish a business" zone "for students, set up innovative space alliance, the formation of the public venture, the highly innovative atmosphere; drive the development of the intellectual resources of treasure to make universities and disciplines has become the" innovation center ", the source of knowledge engineering and the scientific research center, major scientific and technological achievements, the birthplace of innovative entrepreneurial talent and training venues and innovation.

personality in reality, bright, open, active thinking of contemporary college students’ entrepreneurship are both opportunities and challenges. Has 32 years of teaching experience of the contest judges, Huazhong University of Science and Technology business professor Liu Yu 2 studio matchmaker said in an interview, entrepreneurship is a way of life the pursuit of life, is the innovation of the cell level. She affirmed the innovative potential of College students. Liu Yu believes that as a teacher, should help students with creative ideas will be implemented.

for inexperienced college students, professional knowledge, Marketing Management Co., cooperative management such as lack of experience will restrict the innovation and entrepreneurship. This recommendation

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