Tianjin Metro O shape network will be officially unveiled

a city subway construction, on the one hand that the city’s economic development has reached a certain level. On the other hand, the construction of the subway can better relieve the pressure of traffic, it is very necessary. On the construction of the Tianjin subway for the shape of the subway has received more attention. Let’s take a look at.

The first section of

Metro Line 6 will be put into trial operation of the news just released, has aroused strong repercussions in the community. Yesterday from the Tianjin Metro Group Co., Ltd. was informed that before the end of this year, Metro Line 6 phase of the project includes 26 stations will be put into use. Expected next year, Metro Line 5 and line 6 70 stations all expected to be put into use, then the Jincheng subway "O" shaped network will be officially unveiled.

cable cut to complete the project


5 line is Tianjin city rapid rail transit network in the north-south line, the line to be across the cable path, for the smooth construction of rail traffic security, need to change the original Austrian, Austrian light and second tier Yang Ling Ao cable path. Yesterday, the national network of Tianjin west company completed aoling cable cutting, laid the foundation for the construction of Metro Line 5 station Linglu chang.

is the so-called "to the rich, first road" of China’s great reformer Comrade Deng Xiaoping said. The construction of Tianjin subway will not only ease the traffic pressure, but more importantly, it will play an important role in promoting economic development.

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