Shop in the first tier cities to make money one hundred thousand yuan enough

compared to small and medium cities, higher consumption of first tier cities in the first tier cities also need to invest more capital. There are a lot of friends want to ask, in the first tier cities to make money one hundred thousand yuan shop enough? One hundred thousand yuan in Beijing to open a small shop is what concept? You can open Sliced noodles in Shanxi about a big side of the road or bridge noodle shops like Yunnan.

if you have a higher ideal and requirements, for example, held one hundred thousand yuan, chicken thief you want the store to get a little style, can in a tall on the circle, can have a force grid and then partly hidden and partly visible, happen to you don’t have any business experience so, maybe you can listen to the barberry church experience sharing.

In view of the difficulty coefficient of

, store one hundred thousand yuan out of the above criteria in Beijing than to let ma be a Thomas cyclotron simple, I want to first understand clearly about opening a shop where the main cost.

chat before the rent problem, we need to be clear is that the store area is about to be much. In this regard, Zhang boss can be responsible to tell you that the store area of about 25 square meters –60 square meters. Less than 25 square meters, the appearance of the stalls and stalls almost, and above the level of 60 square meters, even if the rent is not expensive, then the basic renovation costs are not able to live this budget hold.

for a one hundred thousand small business, the best way is to get rid of an element. In the early days of the church, we decisively abandoned the "flow of people" option. We have adopted such a site selection strategy: "first-class business district, ten flow location." < / recommendation

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