Entrepreneurial marketing focus to seize the user of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures

for startups, marketing must be good, so you can quickly enhance the brand influence, sounded the horn to impress more customers marketing, enterprise marketing, accumulate popularity, how to do what is in place?

Contrary to popular opinion and

, start-up companies marketing is not limited to the quantitative index and the growth of hackers. Now is the time to develop a new connection between you and your users. Specifically, I’m talking about the art of storytelling and the emotion of the user.

The essence of

around the former (what) establish marketing is very easy, but the story comes from the latter (why). But how to make the start-up company to develop its product / brand’s internal emotional advantages: such as the user’s excitement, happiness and satisfaction.

data and emotion

Digital will usually tell you what happened, in order to obtain the intrinsic reason and creative behavior, marketers need to ensure that they can spend enough time to study the user’s motivation and emotion.

Bonobos, vice president of CraigElbert mentioned the biggest phenomenon of a marketing: the most respected brands to

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