58 degrees C drinks to join the brand introduction

drinks to join the project what brand more popular? Xiao Bian here for you to recommend 58 degrees C creative drinks. Guangzhou fifty-eight degree restaurant chain management Co., Ltd.’s beverage chain of 58 degrees C creative beverage chain, is a project worth your investment.

58 degrees C drinks to join the brand introduction:

a.58 degree C origins with the naming of the three coincidences:

1. comes from the Taiwan management team

58 degrees C originated from the operating team in Taiwan, so companies based on this, named 58 degrees C. Business philosophy and mentality of the team leader: he said, a successful enterprise must have five elements: capital, talent, technology, management and service, and adhere to the "from the beginning, we must do our best to" respect the profession, stick to their posts, a step by step and copy the successful model of inheritance the success of the mentality, the ego play spirit, to achieve the big goal and ideal team by sentiment, goodness and beauty of "being kind, good luck" carry forward the concept of 58 degrees C and cultural spirit: positive, management team, the source of drinking water, thanksgiving. To create a warm and dynamic corporate image.

2. derived from the most suitable for black tea drinks

black tea: whole fermented tea. According to the expert information: this tea tea drinks is the most suitable modulation temperature at 58 degrees Celsius, the temperature can make you taste the sweet and rich Black Tea, thus named, which represents 58 of C high demand for beverage quality.

3. originated in the summer of 2007 stationed in Guangzhou time

team leader, President of the cross sea expedition to assess the market and development of important cities. Finally, we selected Guangzhou city settled in Liwan District, the establishment of the office of hublot. Coincidentally, in a circle around the day happens to be May 8th day, so named C 58.

two.58 degrees C is a tea based new image beverage chain

with a simple, bright, clean store decoration, with easy, soft lighting, so that customers at the same time in the enjoyment of a comfortable service.

three. Adhere to the quality, the supply of cheap copy of Taiwan international tea culture

58 degrees C was founded, it holds a high-quality hand drinks, parity price, so that everyone can enjoy the five star drinks. Tea based, and the use of a variety of flavor juice to modulate a variety of unique drinks store. 58 degrees C drink >

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