What is the specific process of running a hotel

now say the name Minsishiweitian, especially now people’s living standard improves, the demand for delicacy also increased, the catering industry, hotel business began to hot up, then the operation of a small hotel now, should be how to operate?


Business management:

Hotel still need to have good food, in order to allow more consumers to become a regular hotel. Whether it is the cook in the kitchen, or the front office staff, must be skilled movements are fast, in order to meet the customers come to eat, eating away the demand. Fast food shop staff to clear division of labor, but also with each other, so as to achieve the overall fast results. Fast food shop, furniture, tableware, Kitchenware and so be diligent in cleaning staff, but also pay attention to personal hygiene, in short to keep the image of fast-food restaurants clean and comfortable.

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