Women start business by 20 thousand yuan to start the achievement of millionaires

in the eyes of many people, 20 thousand yuan is not what, now rising prices, 20 thousand yuan at most can do a luxurious banquet. By 20 thousand yuan venture, you may not want to think about it? But in 2008, Gan Chunlian is more than and 30 years old but with only 22 thousand yuan starts, now there are thousands of net worth.

Management of

2008 years, just married Gan Chunlian felt a strong family responsibility, forced to embark on their own entrepreneurial path. Gan Chunlian said with a smile, when there is no money, two of the market competition is very intense, and the three is not their own entrepreneurial experience, but the pressure on life there, we must go forward. She put all sorts of things together 22 thousand yuan, started its business.

She incorporated Guangxi mipai Furniture Co. Ltd. in Dongge Road office building to rent a 58 square meters of office, the start-up team only 6 people, but five departments complete. She is a boss as well as a salesman, managing personnel and corporate finance. In order to run the business of selling a product, she traveled to Guangxi county government departments and institutions, distribute brochures, sell products, run the business to run through the sole, basically a month to change a pair of shoes. "It is really hard to start a business, but as long as you can endure hardship, you can always break a piece of heaven." Gan Chunlian said that she had been prepared to work hard every day, the same as the steel soldiers work hard, but the right direction and prospects.

"we are small start-up companies, the conventional route impassability, must take the difference in operation." Gan Chunlian said, she did 4 years in the furniture sales company, the furniture industry in good times in 2005, 2008 when the market has entered a period of intense competition, she is a small start-up company, have no advantages in capital, scale, customer resources etc..

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