Jiangsu and push the venture nine new deal can also get open shop policy support

is now all over the country are actively promoting the entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship has become the main melody of a society, local governments are now active in the introduction of a series of relevant measures to help people achieve business objectives.

to optimize the environment for innovation, Jiangsu will further simplify the certification procedure for entrepreneurs. In the full implementation of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate of "three in one" based on the gradual implementation of a unified code of social credit, "according to a code". Allow the country to combine with the actual relaxation of the new registration conditions of registration restrictions, to promote a multi site according to a multi site cluster registration and other residence registration reform, sub industry, decentralized release of residential resources.

has been established around the science and technology business incubator, University Science and Technology Park, Overseas Students Pioneer Park and other types of business support, these carriers enjoy preferential policies such as tax relief. "Opinions" clear, in line with the conditions of the public space, such as the creation of new incubators incubator tax policy applicable to science and technology business incubator. Encourage qualified areas to create space for rent, broadband networks, public software subsidies. Every year, a number of provincial entrepreneurial demonstration bases identified, giving a one-time bonus.

Jiangsu to encourage the country to actively explore the use of the purchase of public service achievements, support entrepreneurship carrier construction market to provide quality and efficient services for the carrier and a business incubator space model.

now venture has been much attention of many people, at the same time, the introduction of Jiangsu Province, such a good business deal, in fact, for many Internet entrepreneurs is a big thing, and in the online business and also some more security.


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