Three principles of female entrepreneurial capital

the majority of female entrepreneurs will face a lot of risk in the course of business, especially the pre funding, if not a good risk aversion, in the whole process of the business will need to assume unlimited liability.

now rarely venture, sole proprietorship unlimited liability, more is to form a limited liability company, in order to reduce the investment risk. The limited liability company shall bear limited liability for the debts of the company in the limit of the capital contribution of the shareholders. The company can not pay off its due debts, it is necessary to declare bankruptcy according to law. This protects the legitimate rights and interests of investors, operators and creditors from the system, not only spread the risk, but also accelerate the concentration of capital. The three principles of capital, it is a limited liability company must implement.

the principle of capital maintenance company in existence in the process, should always maintain its capital considerable amount of property, to prevent the substantial decrease of capital, protect the interests of creditors, but also to prevent the shareholders of profit distribution excessive demands, to ensure the normal development of the business activities of the company.

the principle of constant capital capital is confirmed, not free to change, to change, must be strictly in accordance with the regulations and procedures, capital investment is not like business loans that debt maturity, only through the form of profit distribution returns. A limited liability company is unable to raise shares or issue shares in a public offering; it can not be set up and set up. Due to the limited liability company is the amount of capital contribution to the investor undertakes the management risk of the company, which prompted investors to diversify investment, through the optimization of investment portfolio to obtain the best return on investment; from the company’s point of view, you can also attract more investors, promote the effective concentration of capital, and will promote the diversification of property rights, company formation the effective corporate governance structure, promote scientific and democratic decision making.

The majority of women in the


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