[five] entrepreneurship entrepreneurial skills step easily earning 50 thousand

, who do you want to earn money:

to know who make money, we need to position their products. What do I want to do, what are the characteristics of my product (selling point) what? In this premise, to do an important thing: market research. What is the market? Do we have competitors of the same kind of products, how do they do? How do we go beyond (or characteristics)? What is the situation of my user group, where are they?

wine is also afraid of deep alley, not to mention our new products, we are the new project. Early publicity is very important. So what are our channels? Billing, outdoor advertisements, promotional activities such as advertising, bus line, or forum, blog, micro-blog, QQ and other online tools? Because market research links have access to user groups, so you need to promote.

four, to build the brand user habits:

broad market, no one can dominate, so whether active or passive, partners have. Good market prospects, there will be competitors. Whether it is a partner, or competitors, our purpose is the same, the market bigger and stronger. So who is very important to make money with us, do you think it is good to start the five step, the hope can give you want to start a business, you want to do a little bit of inspiration for your project, a compass, nothing more than that.

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