n 2016 the year of the monkey plpp here

now has to watch the Spring Festival in 2016, are near, we are not also in the 2016 New Year speech monkey cudgel thinking? Then in 2016 the year of the monkey plpp what? Today we list some good year 2016 new year speech.

1.  2016 year New Year speech: the year of the monkey gave you five monkeys, such as sly clever monkey, healthy and happy like a monkey, the monkey leisurely rich thought, than the light of heart from care ape, be clever and sensible Sheng monkey.

2.  I wish you in the new year Jun, ladies, smart, transport collision point, annoying the consumer, fortune, job, find music, bitter thin, like thick, cry less, laugh more, to filial piety, just wish you 13 points…… Ha-ha!

3.  new year’s Eve comes the flowers, a message with six sweet: Sweet send you shake Qian Shu, two incense to send you help, three incense to send you good work, four incense to send you no trouble, send your money with spicy, six incense to send you Yong Ankang! Happy spring festival!

4.  my monkey wishes: from now on, you only hurt me, to spoil me, not to cheat me, promise me everything to do, to say to me every word must be true.

5.  2016 year New Year speech, I wish you: a powerful light duty, little money near home, natural sleep wake up every day, others overtime pay you money, the number of hand cramps, beauty in love your nerve. Monkey year auspicious!

6.  the year of the monkey; I want to give you a peach, you all, you recommend for the Royal Horse Daisen, and give you a pair of piercing eye, wish you a good fortune, you pass a good name through the ages!

7.  I wish you a monkey future a somersault in one hundred and eight thousand, and seventy-two world scholarship, with eighty-one entrepreneurial skills.

8.  I wish you a new year, the year of the monkey: no restrictions of any kind, Five blessings descend upon the house, the most favorable auspices auspicious, windfall profits, and be promoted step by step, great luck in making money Business Flourishes, rabbit, congratulation!

9.  New Year wish you: follow your boss, the enemy hiding you love, caring you, will help you, family support you, lottery on your side, you can climb the ladder of success!

10.  monkey holding Xiantao Guoan life, sheep with Kaho Fu.

11.  double claw hanging lamp at the throat auspicious rich ape songs million thousand song cause thousands of song feeling.

12.  the jade mountain sheep year, new year’s Day golden monkey.

13.  Shenju send blessing ran off road rich   monkey haired welcome reform new weather

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