Continue to promote the prevention of corruption in Fujian province science and technology system

with the development of science and technology, Internet plus to the people’s side. Not only for the economic development plays an important role in the supervision of the party’s style of work above, but also played a very big role. Below, on the small and compiled together with a specific understanding of.

science and Technology Department of Fujian province is one of the province’s public power running online the first batch of pilot units in recent years, the Fujian provincial government to seriously implement the work plan, through the "system + technology" means, precise grasp of power operation "method", and vigorously promote the project of Science and technology award evaluation and technology project management two power to run the online public pilot the work, run the program, open and power flow control of risk, trace data, real-time monitoring.

a, the main effect of

power operation more standardized. Completion of the transformation of the system of science and technology project management system in 2014, the full implementation of the project on the whole process of online public access to the provincial electronic monitoring system monitoring. Through the pilot, the science and technology projects, project award evaluation process reengineering, upgrade the information system, establish a project management and guarantee system of administration according to law, standardized and efficient scientific and orderly management, supervision in place.

technology services in place. Further improve the project management business online management functions, improve the project library, expert library and institutional database. The provincial project recommendation module "in the development of the provincial science and technology project management information system, to promote the city and county administrative departments of science and technology in the system for online review and recommendation of provincial science and technology projects, the realization of science and technology, province, city and county departments of project management three linkage, internal work flow documented throughout.

administrative efficiency has been improved. Through system reform and system construction, strengthen the management of time limit and ask effective accountability mechanisms, to achieve a permanent back, make the power traces everywhere". This effectively constrained the phenomenon of administrative omission, to ensure that the power within the prescribed time limit.

since 2014, relying on science and technology upgrading project management system, received a total of 5696 project of science and technology, 3283 projects were approved and issued by the relevant departments. In 2015, the science and Technology Department was named the outstanding unit in the comprehensive evaluation of the Provincial Department budget.

two, the main practice

one is carefully organized, carefully deployed. To strengthen the organization and management, the director of the office held a conference hall, party meeting, study the deployment of power to run the online public pilot work, organize the relevant offices in accordance with the time node and requirements, to further promote the pilot work in progress. Two is to implement the responsibility. With the deepening of the pilot content, discipline inspection and supervision departments, the business department, coordination department duties, Ming Jian

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