Business after the snow

any changes in the weather, are likely to bring us business opportunities, and thus help the owner to create a higher wealth. November 24th, yimenglaoqu — beautiful beautiful Linyi ushered in the first snow of winter. The snowfall let the earth wrapped in a thick layer of snow, but also to the traffic brought unprecedented pressure.

this the snowfall, let the goods like a spade broom selling goods. Weekdays from these days every day to No one shows any interest in selling more than a dozen of the hot selling goods, the two days of hot and cold sales acme, illustrates this snow enough amazing.

has many years inventory rusty shovel, also let the snow to There was no parallel in history. become popular. Customers to buy snow tools, but also to a spade and a little episode. A customer of the 5 spade last just take away, and there is a customer to buy the hurried panic. No way, had to look at the customer can accommodate them, make a spade to the customer later.

can be the first to the customer said: "really unfortunately, we’re 5 people, each one, can not give you." Before I speak, the customers are later humorous to the sentence: "OK, could you let me, I’ll help you to snow!" Listen to what he said, the first customer smiled: "so help snow will forget it, let you pick or a bar, so you have to have a personal idle."


second customers took a shovel, and to the sentence: "certainly you have to idle, because you are the leader!" This is the first customer to hear it, laugh more happily: "young man, don’t lean, go back to the snow." "OK, so, obey orders in all actions!"

moment, everyone’s laughter echoed in this snow.

because of the geographical location of China, many cities in the winter will be a heavy snow, and this is actually a business opportunity. Because of this magnificent snow, store shovel, broom, shovel, heating furnace, the chimney like selling goods is almost out of stock, but whether the white snow let my income increase much, I are in accordance with the purchase price or rise or fall, not because of out of stock and to touch the real goods price marketing the bottom line, but later operation of the store has a great help.

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