Foshan police to increase patrols during the Spring Festival

one of the city’s public security, and is closely related to people’s safety, which is related to the livelihood of the event, so, for people to spend a quiet and peaceful Spring Festival Spring Festival, Foshan police to strengthen security work, let more people feel the happiness of life and their efforts are inseparable, specifically how to do it? Let’s take a look at the following text?

to do all the work during the Spring Festival, director of vice mayor, Yang Jianghua Municipal Public Security Bureau has held a working meeting, convey the spirit of the instructions of superiors, with the beginning of Guangzhou social man, finance, logistics dynamic intensifies, all kinds of illegal crime and safety accidents have increased, especially before the inside and outside the province more than large traffic accidents so, for the full deployment of the Spring Festival the security control and accident prevention, other Municipal Public Security Bureau organized relevant police conducted several studies to implement, in the spring, large-scale activities safety and fire prevention work of traffic safety as the key to the security work during the Spring Festival for a detailed deployment. The Municipal Public Security Bureau leadership team members were organized 9 steering group, the rate of the relevant functional police were dispatched to the district station, the spring winter jasmine and other security, traffic blackspots frontline duty positions to carry out supervision and inspection of public security, fire protection, traffic accident prevention and public security prevention and control work, further compaction of the measures, to ensure social peace in Guangzhou and harmonious.

Foshan police rely on "six in one" three-dimensional patrol prevention and control work, starting from January 14th to February 21st three security service response level, the city center branch to enhance response level. The day more than 1 thousand patrol group, invested more than 12 thousand Patrol Force and more than 1300 video monitoring force to focus on strengthening the city square, landmark buildings, train station, passenger station, wharf, commercial pedestrian street and various types of popular tourist attractions, festivals and other crowded places such as key parts of the point guard and patrol prevention and control, and deployment police and armed police officers and soldiers to strengthen the armed patrols and working undercover ambush superposition. At the same time in the central city, District, street town ring ring "three line" security card points for the position, combined with the area security situation and regional police judged the situation analysis, strengthen the dynamic investigation of the multiple card service, dynamic seal and control emergency closure point to carry out every day not less than 6 hours check and control service. Guangzhou police deployed undercover, subway, water and other professional police to strengthen all kinds of bus stops and routes, along the subway station hall and the Pearl River main waters patrol prevention and control work. The police departments to carry out strict control to prevent the all-weather online inspection of law enforcement. During the Spring Festival, the Guangzhou police authorities implement the three leadership duty guard system, daily deployment of 1300 mobile guard force, the implementation of Guangzhou commandos, anti-terrorism expertise etc. equipped with related equipment, all-weather centralized beiqin.

Foshan police will strengthen security patrols, especially in crowded places, increase patrols, but also focus on the commercial street, train station, bus station, people more places, it will make people’s life safety is guaranteed, so that people can be happy too.

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