Retail customers how to do not forget the beginning of the heart

can be said that every one of the shopkeepers at the beginning of the business when they are thinking about how to take improper means of profit, every businessman starting point is good. However, in the fierce competition in the industry and bad social atmosphere, many businessmen will forget the first heart, and ultimately the most likely to break the law. So, how do retail customers do not forget the heart?

do not forget the beginning of the heart, because general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" speech and become hot words. What is meant by "do not forget the early heart"? Forget the beginning of the heart is "by Kegon" in the line. Mean, do not forget their original idea, can you finish my dream. At the same time, should not forget the innate kindness, sincerity, fraternity, in order to have a perfect life. So, as a retail customer, in their daily operations, how can we do not forget the heart? Recently, the author and several friends of the retail households chatted about this topic. They said let I benefited from, filled with a thousand regrets.

Hebei Wuqiao retail customers Liu boss:

do not forget the beginning of the heart, is to "adhere to honesty, good


the good old saying: good faith to win the world. In today’s society, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in order to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, integrity indispensable. Honesty is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, the integrity of the business must adhere to the business principles. Do not abide by the good faith, in violation of the operating principles of business people, even if they can get a profit, but can not go farther, stronger.

in the past 20 years of operation, I always put the integrity of business, there will be Connaught as their business philosophy, and constantly create a good faith shop. Customers are not fools, everybody has the steelyard. The so-called say honesty is not necessarily the best quality goods, but not shoddy. Reflected in the price to genuine goods at a fair price, a price of a goods, the pursuit of a reasonable price, the same price than the quality of the product, the same quality than price. Let customers get benefits, buy at ease.

one day, there was a strange customer in my shop. After he entered the door in front of a small home appliances for a while surprised. He said that the small household electrical appliances sold in your store is cheap enough, how about the quality? I smiled and said: quality is absolutely no problem. I shop in a small home appliance replacement within one year, five years free maintenance.

listened to me, the customer said to me angrily: I was a corporate procurement, the original is a regular hardware appliance stores. But before two days to go again, he stores most of the small household appliances prices. This kind of bad faith, I can promise and then deny in succession business dealings with him. The customer asked in detail about the small home appliance price, quality, performance, decided on the spot, bought nearly 2000 yuan of goods.


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