Loss can eat big business

now people are afraid of doing anything to lose, if the business is still holding this mentality, I am afraid not to let the business get better development. In the business, in fact, often eat a big loss. "Can I deliver now?" On Friday evening, a not too familiar with the customer to see my small door placed a motorcycle and asked. When I get an affirmative answer, he gave me a shopping list, there is alcohol, beverages and disposable items. He was prepared to do the full moon banquet for his son. I prepare the goods, and help him to rent to the freezer onto the tricycle, starting with.

we chose the nearest road, walked half, only to find in front of the road, this road is not good. We had to go, go away, when to arrive, I once again found in front of the construction, I almost collapsed, but Fang know there is a feasible path. Under his command, turn left and right before I suddenly ran after passing through the thirty or forty plug, Village Bay, finally to the small fang.

returned home, because I was not familiar with the route, from time to time to inquire about the passers-by: "how go Chen Wan Wang CI Cun, how far?" It was dark, mosquitoes flying around, my car can not accelerate, several times because of the wrong way into a dead end. It took two hours to get back to the store.

, in fact, he is not a regular visitor to my shop, this loss to eat a little big." I talk to my peers. Colleagues said, if he, will ask the customer for motorcycle fuel.

however, the next afternoon, Fang once again visited my shop. The original cigarette is not enough, but I forgot to buy the gift bag, gift list and antithetical couplet. The third day, Fang again, that is short of a cigarette, jelly will also buy 30. I was gratified that small shopping do not bargain, maybe my delivery sincerely touched him?

perhaps some character is so, what is love over, this is also how people will do business? It seems that some business is a "eat" out, too much difficult chengdaqi. Are you afraid to lose, the customer will be afraid fooled, end up with incompatible like water and fire part. Therefore "the courage to suffer," call me, suffer is the business of the fu!

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