Pet shop names need to pay attention to what

pet shop is a lot of friends are more concerned about the project, many people also want to open a pet shop, opened a pet shop, then how to help pet shop name? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

pet shop name, in fact, a good record and resounding name, does not have to play ball. Pet shop how to name? Some industry insiders therefore summarized several main creative ways to take a good name:

(1) synthesis. Pet shop name, the pet store services and Geely words to combine performance. Such as pet action.

(2) – type. Pet shop how to name? Not direct or indirect. Such as pet home.

(3) pun. Pet shop how to name? A phrase with a double meaning, do not have meaning. Such as pure as minor gallery.

(4) warning type. Pet shop name, this approach can produce unexpected surprise. If the cat bites the dog bone.

(5) type of irony. The pet shop name, the use of irony, cleverly out product characteristics. Pet shop how to name? If you are not near.

(6) emotional type. Both warm and lovely, such as love pet home.

(7) humor. Pet shop how to name? With a witty and humorous but very healthy words as names, such as cats and dogs can enhance customer impression operations.

name, trade name, and the actual use of the same,

some businesses to register a name in the business sector, the pet shop how to name? Use another name but in actual operation, this is a violation of the relevant laws and regulations in china.

In addition,

is different from rigid legal rules, public order and good morals, as a moral principle, have great elasticity.

pet shop how to name? In the operators for their pet shop name, to grasp the following four points: (1) (2) is not the same name; name cannot be used to do their own brand names, unless you have a well-known Brand Company authorized; (3) does not violate the principle of public order and good customs; (4) business registration name.

some of the issues above is the pet shop name needs attention, hope this to a lot of attention, only aware of these, so join the shop will be more relaxed, to own a pet store, have a detailed understanding!

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