Store purchase carefully

for any entity shop, the purchase is a very important job. Only to do this work in place, will be helpful to the management of the latter part of the store, the possibility of earning wealth will be higher. I have been to the shop dealers to provide a small food supply salesman, because other dealers pay well for "embrace others".

when the clerk for new dealers to run the market, first came to my shop: "tell the boss, I now have left that dealer before, now the dealer of small food is also very complete, price concessions, you see whether to fill what goods today?" To tell the truth, the consumer has become a habit, although the former salesman, but into the other goods, the heart can not help but feel a little.

salesman to see me undaunted, smiled and said: "your family has been selling Snickers chocolate good, we are now the dealers also have, the price is also cheaper than the previous 2 yuan, and the purchase price of Dove chocolate than before the cheapest 1 yuan a box". One or two yuan looks very inconspicuous, but for small businesses can not count the ways, perennial accumulated is a very objective number. So I promised sales advanced goods to try, if I will not purchase cost, with her, she is great!

when the salesman suggested that several of my best-selling varieties of goods, delivery staff sent, I carefully look at the comparison, and then know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The whole box is really Snickers than before the cheap 2 yuan a box, but the number of the less than the previous two, our retail store is a 2 yuan, compared to the box the box is now Snickers cheap 2 yuan, but according to our retail is expensive 2 yuan, wanted to get a little cheaper, but did not think of to other loopholes into a box of Snickers will spend 2 yuan; look at Dove chocolate seemingly cheap one yuan, but long date.

is the same as the sale of small food, why people can not only dealers hired a high salary, but also to sell goods at low prices? So as we need to be careful on the shopkeeper in the purchase price, the same goods is not the same, then businesses in which there would be hidden tricky, in order to confuse our eyes.

originally wanted to account for these small cheap, want to save some of the cost of purchase, but I do not know, the cost is actually higher. Thus, we can not be purchased at the expense of two words and lost the direction of the boss to remind you: make money is not easy, need to be cautious purchase"!

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