The stall started to open 3 stores in big 4 girls extraordinary entrepreneurial way

This time of year is

students of a high incidence of people looking for work, and at the same time every year, some college students employment rate is not optimistic, so as a new era of college students should be how to survive? Entrepreneurship is a good way.

third playing summer work as manager of

"Xu Zhou is a boy character, third summer is from her dad and I go to work," Xu Zhou’s mother Ms. Zhou said, Xu Zhou deliberately conceal his time in junior high school students in. At that time, is reading the third Xu Zhoujin a clothing store brand, is sent leaflets. However, after the completion of Xu Chau can attract guests to the store to buy clothes, which makes the boss quite happy. Later, she was promoted to manager.

high school tuition selling antithetical couplet

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