Li Keqiang Entrepreneurship needs innovation requires wisdom

innovation and entrepreneurship as a kind of trend, more people know the slogan of entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship and the connotation of the real understanding? Premier Li Keqiang said: the need for entrepreneurship, innovation requires wisdom.

in March 5th last year, Premier Li Keqiang in 2015 government work report made public entrepreneurship, innovation, set off a wave of entrepreneurial tide "gravitational waves", especially in areas such as electricity providers, Internet plus is attracting many investors and entrepreneurs. To contact Internet plus, it may be the next ma. While others in the just contact the electricity supplier, but also know the electricity supplier, but I do not know why it is, want to transfer a business philosophy to others.

entrepreneurs need real, innovation needs wisdom. Entrepreneurial innovation is not behind the others "according to dipper gourd painting". Who copied the color of the enterprise Wang Wang aluminum, Western superconductor, who imitates Ma, who will not go very far entrepreneurial road, because the essence of entrepreneurship and innovation is not copied. Entrepreneurship is the creation of their own characteristics of the industry; innovation, innovation is a new. Some entrepreneurs, innovators "create" stay in the mouth, missing in action, the electricity supplier, Internet plus blown pock – jump idea as if it were raining flowers".

who also do not say their products are evergreen, Wan Nengjiao, Wnt, because the world is not everything, otherwise, how will the magnesium alloy, Aluminum Alloy, titanium alloy and other new materials continue to emerge. No one should impose the success of other people’s business philosophy to others, because there is no concept of the world is eternal, only to fall to the root of the concept can withstand the test of time and the market.

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